Bea Shafer Outreach Center

During 1994, St. James Church was informed of a generous contribution that was included in the estate of Bea Shafer, a parishioner of St. James who had worked as a Food Pantry volunteer.  Her bequest was specifically earmarked for “outreach and to feed the hungry”.  This donation, supplemented by monies obtained through a special funding drive managed by Eleanor Pierson (which raised 40% of the total required funding), enabled St. James Church to construct the “Bea Shafer Outreach Center” to support its outreach programs and to provide a proper home for the Bradley Food Pantry.

The Outreach Center located at the rear of the Church property, behind the Church Office, was constructed under the direction of Ron Humer, a Warden of St. James Parish and a professional in the construction business.  Building permits for the Outreach Center were obtained on October 22nd 1997; construction, which included building an associated handicap ramp, was completed in July 1998.

Consistent with the wishes of Bea Shafer, today the Outreach continues  to provide a proper home for the Bradley Food Pantry, and private and discrete meeting place facilities for: