Sunday School 

The Church School (Sunday School) is one of the oldest organizations of St. James Church.  The first Sunday School session was held on October 11th 1914, when the congregants held their first Episcopal Service in an unoccupied store on La Reine Avenue in Bradley Beach.  At that time, the Sunday School met at 2:30 pm each Sunday afternoon.  That first session of the Sunday School comprised a staff of four teachers (Anna Leonard, Fannie Jones, Ethel Leonard, and Nettie Payne) and fifteen scholars.  Church records indicate that each Sunday saw an increase in the number of scholars.  Establishment of the Sunday School actually predated the official establishment of St. James Mission which occurred a few months later on February 16th 1915.  It also should be noted that one of the stained glass windows on the west side of the Nave was donated by the Sunday School and is dedicated to the memory of Fannie Jones, one of the four original Sunday School teachers.In the First “Parochial Report” issued by the St. James Mission, dated May 3rd 1915, it was reported that the Sunday School had 6 teachers and officials and 40 scholars.  In the Report for the First Annual Meeting of St. James Parish (on December 6th 1946), it was noted that the Church School, operating under Herbert Lemmerman and Robert Hansen, had an enrollment of 85 students in 1945 and 95 students in 1946.  Based on the Sunday Bulletin for June 20th 1948, Annual Sunday School Picnics had become a parish tradition by that date. The Church School, operating under the leadership of Superintendent Laura Schembri, has 5 teachers and is organized as follows:

Pre-K and Kindergarten- Teacher:  Dawn Taylor

First, Second and Third Grades- Teacher:  Laurie Schembri

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grades- Teacher:  Chrissie Oppegaard

Seventh and Eighth Grades- Teacher:  Nancy Smith

High School- Teacher:  Lisa Scott

  The Heart Shaper curriculum, having the objective to “Shape Hearts with God’s Word” (provided by Standard Publishing) currently is used by the Church School.  The program of instruction is designed for use by Toddlers to Pre-Teen students; it also includes a complimentary program for Teens and Young Adults. The curriculum helps the youngest children build positive attitudes and relationships in the church, and helps all children learn Bible stories, verses, values and skills appropriate and relevant for their age. Annual Church School activities and events generally include: